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Personal networks are places like facebook, twitter, and myspace.Personal networks allow you to post your thoughts and post pictures,and is a way to keep updated of whats happening in your friends life. But you want to make sure being safe and not doing things you shouldnt be 

 YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace all are social networks, these are one of the many things on the computer you don’t want to post inappropriate pictures say mean thing or just be mean. staying save on these website is a big deal to, you don’t want to give private information (address, phone#,) Just make sure being safe and having fun!

In the activity "Life Online" I learned many things. One of the things I learned is that you should never post revaling pics,using bad language, and giving out personal information. I also learned about cyber bullying and that it is growing and its really sad.  

The pros and cons of Personal networks. The pros of that is you can stay updated of whats going on in your friends life. Also that you can chat with friends. The cons of the network is that there are people that want to harm you and that once you post something it can never be tooken back.

Mrs. Jorae
10/14/2011 06:22:04 am

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