So, the trimester is coming to end and im finishing up basic computers. It was very fun and I learned alot about how to use different tools on the computer and what websites are helpful. I will maybe use this blog if I want to share and opinion but it will not be an "every day" thing. I personally recommend this course to everyone. even if your a computer geek I still recommend it to you. It will help you learn about websites you can use to make things (like websites, graphs, and visual organizers). If you take this course it will benifit you cause you will learn to type faster and learn about cool websites you can use. Some of the work we did this tri was challenging like digital images were you make a "fake" image it takes alot of listening.I had alot of fun doing alot of these like visual organizers and many more.My biggest acheivement was digital images I think it will be fun to do and it was hard to do so when I got it done I was really happy.

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