These are the ten Internet Guidelines and you want to make sure to rember these rules when emailing texting or anything else cause you may think its a friend behind the computer but it could not be. So make sure if someone is trying to find out something about you don't give them the information just follow these guidelines!
1. People can save what is said online
2. Only say what you’d be willing to say in person
3. Don’t be “stalk worthy”
4. Kids should tell an adult if they are in an uncomfortable situation
5. Know where your kids are going (URL)
6. Don’t open things from people you do not know
7. Don’t show obvious signs of where you live, etc.
8. MySpace, and Facebook are NOT secure, even when private
9. Keep the computer in a open area of the house
10. Use common sense!
To protect your identity there is many ways to stop it and one of which is to just not give away any information even if there close friends, boses, or anyone else. If you happen to get it stolen and there not buying anything don't let it buy call your bank and get it taken care of.  Below is the pic of the identity theft game I got 1 wrong
Mrs. Jorae
11/18/2011 12:30:16 pm

Congratulations! You have earned $100.00 of virtual money for your class budget! Add it to your spreadsheet and move on to the next activity!


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