Emoticons are ways to convey happiness, and joking here are ten Emoticons
:-( frown
'-) wink
:('''''''' crying
>:) grin
:-/ smirk or confused
:-p smiling and sticking out your tounge
:-D laughing
>:-/ mad
:-9 licking chops
8) shades
first of all emoticons should only be used in friends texts or emails, professonal messages like to your boss or if your writing a paper or really anything that is important. when using emoticons you want to make sure the person your sending it to knows what it means. Because if they don't they could take it as something bad even though its not :)
Mrs. Jorae
11/18/2011 12:31:25 pm

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Adam W
1/8/2012 11:24:16 pm

wow thats alot of faces


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